Sales Management Software DD-Restaurant

Sales Management Software DD-Restaurant

Sales Management Software DD-Restaurant version A is for Restaurants, Café, Karaoke, Billiards, Tea Shop ....

Sales and counting:5x

- full sale functions

- touch interface friendly, easy to use, all Vietnamese.

- change name, price and add a new item in the sales interface.

- authorization for staff and management level

- the full reports, detail, clearly

- print Vietnamese bill

- change the price level in each area, by the hour automatically.

- Karaoke, Billiards, Hotel hour automated cash

- staff and loyalty management.

- Employees in function.

- Bills and Reports can be printed more paper size: 58mm, 75mm, 80mm, A6, A5, A4

- store management, income and spending management

- quantitative for foods and drinks

- connect with the kitchen printer.

- database management remotely via the Internet, automatically send daily sales reports via email, view sales reports live on the web.

Sales Management Software version B includes Sales Management Software versions A and adds the following functions:

* Inventory management and storage of materials in detail:

-     the type of warehousing receipt : import, export and transfer

-          storage card, details of each item

-          The export, import and inventory reports, The export, import and inventory balancing reports

-          inventory report under the minimum and upon the maximum

-      manage items on expiry date

* incoming and spending management in detail, cashbook

* Debt of customers and suppliers management

* The capital cost of production and profit and loss report.


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